Penis Enlargement: Gouro Roots and Surgery


The penis is and remains the symbol of masculinity and power.


For men, the length and appearance of their penis is just as important as the shape and size of the breast for women. Although almost every second man is not satisfied with the size of their penis, the subject of “penis enlargement” is an absolute taboo subject. Just out of shame, the man doesn’t want to talk about it. Instead, many patients often suffer from low self-esteem and are therefore very unsatisfied. Since psychological stress is often too high, many men retire. The fear of entering into a close relationship is often followed by depression. To get around them, there is today the possibility of permanently enlarging the penis.

On the subject of penis enlargement, you will receive valuable information in this article and you will familiarize yourself with the 3 methods of bringing your “penis” to the size you want. First, fortunately, there are ways to enlarge your penis in a natural and healthy way without surgery. It is:


Africandoctors experts have done extensive research for 25 years to offer you the best solution in the world for enlarging and lengthening the penis. Here is a mixture of African herbal medicines to enlarge and lengthen the penis without side effects. This natural treatment surpasses conventional treatments. Indeed, even if they can increase the size of your penis, they have side effects that could be far greater than the benefits that you could find in them. It will make your penis grow naturally, lastingly and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (hormone for virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics).

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GOURO roots

GOURO roots are very popular in West Africa, especially in Côte d’Ivoire. They make it possible to enlarge and lengthen the penis very quickly. GOURO roots are also very effective in permanently healing premature ejaculation. These roots will make your penis grow quickly, naturally and durably by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (hormone of virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics). It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny penis, these natural roots will make it grow and grow to the size you want. And even if you already have a “normal” size penis, this treatment will make your penis bigger and bigger.

Gouro roots are a completely natural food supplement produced in Africa and uses a special action complex. It contains, among other things, Muira Puama extract, ginko, biotin, L-arginine and other natural active ingredients that promote the growth of your penis. In various scientific studies, it has been found that the active ingredients have an effect promoting circulation and that the erection becomes stronger and stronger.

Anyone can use this product without the need for surgery or a mechanical expander. Gouro roots provide long-term erection. The active ingredients in the product make your penis harder and grow to 3.7 cm. In addition, the fact that the product is available on Amazon attests to the seriousness and the good effect.

Results after using Gouro roots

ResultsAfter 3 monthsAfter 6 months
Length increase at rest3.5cm (1.38 “)4.9 cm (1.93″)
Increase in erection length3.8cm (1.5 “)4.8cm (1.89″)
Reach increase2.5 cm (0.98 “2.5 cm (0.98″)

Benefits of natural penis enlargement

  • no expensive operation (cost: around 8,000 euros) required
  • no health risk associated with the operation
  • no long wait, which is necessary for an operation
  • long lasting, longer erection and bigger and thicker penis
  • the first lasting successes are already visible after 3-4 weeks
  • Short-term penis lengthening is visible after the first application
  • proven products with their own central pharmaceutical number, the effects of which have been proven by scientific studies.

How can you enlarge the penis with surgery?

In order to enlarge the penis by surgery, different surgical techniques are used. Thus, the length of the penis, the size of the glans and the circumference can be permanently corrected. The final application depends on the anatomical conditions as well as the preferences and wishes of the patient. The individual methods are described in the following sections.

Penis extension by cutting the ligaments of the penis

The longest part of the penis is hidden inside the body and is therefore not visible. This proportion is firmly anchored in the pelvic bone using what are called the ligaments of the penis. These ligaments do not play a crucial role in the function of a limb. However, they keep the penis “caught” by the pelvis.

By cutting part of the ligaments of the penis, the part attached to the pubic bone is released and part of the invisible penis part is moved outward. Thus, the part of the limb visible outside the body increases in length. In a section of thongs but only certain bands can be separated, otherwise the erection angle is too small and the penis is therefore unstable in the mounted state.

So that the separated ligaments do not grow back on the pubic bone, a space is reserved between the bone and the released part. For this, we usually use part of the body tissue or a very high quality silicone implant. However, this is neither palpable nor visible from the outside. This surgical approach is usually done through a small incision in the skin on the corresponding penis root.

This scar will hardly be visible later. Especially the gain in the length of the penis in the relaxation of the clearly recognizable. However, in order to maintain the length of the penis obtained and to allow a further enlargement of the penis while standing, you must perform physiotherapy after surgery using a vacuum device or a penis extender.

Penis enlargement by removing the fat pad in the pubic area

In some men, the visible part of the limb is masked by the fat located in the pubic region. Therefore, the penis looks much shorter than it actually is. In these cases, you can achieve remarkable penis extension and optimal results by removing it from the fat pad. However, this form of penis extension can only be done during surgery.

Penis extension by modifying the "peno-scrotal" angle

In this form of extension, the approach of the scrotum is too far on the limb. This condition makes the penis smaller than it really is. By means of a corresponding penis extension by means of a plastic surgery operation, the extension of the scrotum is shifted backwards, so that the visible part of the penis is significantly longer. This often leads to a desired result. In addition, this correction can only be done in one operation.

Penis enlargement by injection of autologous fat

The most common surgical technique is the use of autologous fat to enlarge a penis. The procedure takes place in three stages:

  1. Automatic fat extraction: This fat is sucked from the abdominal area or the thigh.
  2. Preparation of autologous fat: The fat obtained by liposuction is centrifuged and treated accordingly. With the exception of fat cells, all of the remaining ingredients should be eliminated. In this way, perfect survival of all the fat cells injected is possible and thus the enlarged circumference of the penis is guaranteed.
  3. Injection of autologous fat: The now treated fat is injected accordingly into the changing layer of the skin of the penis shaft. After all, this is the decisive step for penis enlargement. It is very important to pay attention to a perfectly symmetrical distribution of the individual fat cells. Thus, not only does the desired penis circumference increase, but the proportions of the member also remain natural. At the end of each fat injection, the penis should look proportionate and natural.

Injecting body fat is a safe way to surgically increase the size of the limb.

However, initially, extreme physical stress should be avoided, which is particularly true for an elongated penis for the first three weeks. Sexual abstinence is essential after surgery. Here, the patient should wait five to six weeks.

Benefits of penis enlargement by operation : 

  • Permanent result
  • Quick success
  • Desired size
  • Medical care

Disadvantages of Penis Surgery :

  • Surgical pain during healing
  • High costs

Getting a bigger penis: Conclusion
If you want to enlarge your penis, you have the choice between 2 effective methods. On the one hand offers an operation, on the other hand, the natural enlargement of the penis with an extension or by natural means such as gouro roots.

The first is obviously much more expensive (around 8,000 euros) and also offers health risks (keyword: anesthesia and associated risks). Therefore, anyone who wants a bigger penis is advised to use Gouro roots.

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