Herbal Tea for Avascular Necrosis


Duration of treatment: The duration of our herbal tea to treat Avascular Necrosis varies from 1 to 3 months. This natural remedy is the quick fix for relieving joint pains. Our care is individualized. It will vary depending on your symptoms and expectations. If you are pregnant and have avascular necrosis, please let us know. We will take this into account for the composition of the product.

What is Avascular Necrosis?

Osteonecrosis also called avascular necrosis or bone infarction is a condition that results from an interruption of blood supply to the bone.

Why Is This A Problem?

The bone is a living tissue that requires blood. Hence, a lack of blood flow to the bone can lead to the death of bone tissue.

What happens When It is Left Untreated?

If not treated, it can eventually cause the bone to collapse. The condition also causes the bone to lose its smooth shape, leading to severe arthritis.

How can you be sure it is Avascular Necrosis?

It is simple. The symptoms of the condition first start becoming obvious when you start experiencing pain while putting pressure on the affected bone.

Gradually, over a period of a few months, the pain becomes more constant; and the progression of the condition may eventually cause the affected bone and the nearby joint to collapse. This may increase the severity of the pain, making it difficult for the sufferers to use the affected joint.

What Brings About Avascular Necrosis?

Some of the reasons are:

  • excessive drinking
  • joint injuries, as a result of which blood circulation is disturbed;
  • taking certain hormonal drugs over time;
  • excessive loads on the joint (overweight, difficult sports exercises);
  • some medical procedures (dialysis, chemotherapy, etc.);
  • susceptibility to frequent and rapid changes in pressure (diving).

The herbal components of this tisane have immense significance in disorders associated with bone health.


The aim of this treatment is to:

  • Improve blood circulation to bone tissues
  • Rebuild the lost bone tissue
  • reduce its dominance
  • stop further damage to the bone tissues

African Doctor Store herbal products for managing Avascular Necrosis are 100% natural and vegetarian products. It is very beneficial in maintaining healthy bones and ensuring the overall health of the skeletal system.


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