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Duration of natural treatment for HIV AIDS

To be cured of HIV, that is to say to have a zero viral load after test results a few months apart, it will be necessary to strictly follow the treatment. The treatment will be taken over a period of two months for optimal effectiveness.


Many years ago treatment for HIV was a rare luxury in South Africa. They were terrible days. Many lives were lost.

The environment has changed remarkably since then.

Fortunately, Antiretroviral coverage of people with HIV in South Africa has increased from 0% in 2000 to 71% in 2019. Nonetheless, we propose to you a better treatment from nature.


Our natural treatment is made up of plants such as jatropha with powerful action against the AIDS virus. It was composed by expert phytotherapists and therefore guarantees you efficiency and rapid onset of action. This treatment will be accompanied by black seed extract.

The remedy we offer you for HIV is a remedy made from the leaves, roots and bark of jatropha curcas, cassava and other plants with antiviral properties. It is the miracle cure  “GOODBYE AIDS ” used in the treatment of HIV / AIDS. The extracts of the plants are dried and crushed to create a very effective natural remedy for eliminating the HIV in the body.

The minimum period required for the patient in order to complete the HIV latent viral reservoir from the body so as to record Negative for HIV is 2 months.

The main Objective of our complete treatment   are as follows;

  • Decrease Hiv Viral load count to less than detectable level
  • Prevents against opportunistic Infection
  • Decrease HIV DNA Proviral load count to less than detectable level.
  • Attain the CD4 count above 700-1000 cells per cubic millimeter

Our herbal cure remedy for HIV enhances productive and Quality Life. And it both suitable for patients undergoing ARVs and also patients who are  not undergoing ARVs.

We have distributing channels all over Africa and we assure 100% Delivery services

No need to tire yourself out looking for all the components and lose yourself in hazardous doses, our natural remedy is there for you. What makes the difference between traditional herbalists and professionals is the control of the dosage. Maximize your chances of being cured of HIV / AIDS by getting the natural remedy now.

25 reviews for HIV Herbal Treatment

  1. Timothy

    Thank you to African Doctor Store for helping me to overcome HIV , in 6 weeks , thank you God bless you

  2. Mary

    siyabonga ngokungisiza ngiphume hiv negative wena

  3. Alice jami

    At first I was in doubt about this treatment but alast thank God that I gave it a try and now no more symptoms presently and no more HIV ,, thank you

  4. Prosper

    Can you tell us more about this cure

  5. Karim MD

    Thank you African Doctor for the restoration of my Health, I’m the most happiest person on earth now. I was totally cured of HIV.

  6. Karim MD

    Thank you sir for the restoration of my Health, I’m the most happiest person on earth now. I was totally cured of HIV.

  7. Joséphine

    Merci beaucoup pour votre assistance avec votre traitement , maintenant je suis VIH négatif. Merci

  8. Hassan

    Thank you very much for helping me cure HIV in two months Doctor , I’m really impressed with you all.

  9. Tasha

    Ngiyabonga kakhulu ngokungisiza ukuba ngelaphe I-HIV ezinyangeni ezimbili Kudokotela , ngihlatshwe umxhwele ngempela nonke. Manje ngikhathazekile HIV negative, khulula ekusebenziseni antirétroviral

  10. Nathan

    At first I was in doubt , and I just gave it a try and i can not believe I’m now free from the virus , now I’m HIV negative. I now believe that our traditional health care is powerful

  11. Rachael

    God bless you African Doctor Store for your good works.

  12. Fofana mathew

    Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien, dieu vous bénisse

  13. Ali Gustavo

    Muchas gracias por ayudarme a curar el VIH en dos meses, doctor , estoy realmente impresionado con todos ustedes. Ahora soy VIH negativo, libre de usar antirretrovirales

  14. Tshililo Marimatswara

    Hi where can i get the treatment for how much how do i order hiv herbal treatment

  15. Cheryl S.

    I see all the testimonies but, there’s no test results showing they was cured, as well as there’s no information from your studies proving this will really cure someone. The product is very expensive to say it’s all natural and it’s to cure people that’s been suffering with such a disease as HIV/Aids. Hmm, so much to look into as well as get the finances to even pay for it. Not everyone in the USA have money like most people think, many of us in the African American Communities are living in property …
    Not looking for handouts but it all true. Just like your product’s.

  16. Abigial

    Actually am doubting it and am yet to try it will come back after I give a try thanks

  17. Abigial

    Yet to try thanks

  18. Eniola abdullateef

    Please I need your help please help me out of this virus am innocent girl please 😭

  19. Blandine

    I need the treatment for HIV

  20. Musandiwa

    Please send me where I can get herbal tea for HIV

  21. lesego

    where can I get the medication. am in Kimberley

  22. Liam Mcarthur

    Thank you so much for helping me cure hiv in 6 weeks I appreciate you African doctor store

  23. Fiona

    It is very good now that I am hiv negative with your remedy, I promise to bring more people. Oh my God this is real

  24. Peter Johnson

    Finally free from this virus permanently

  25. Shalom britty

    Medicine was expensive and it works perfectly fine to treat this ailment

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