Male Infertility

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According to the World Health Organization, male infertility is “the inability to impregnate after at least 12 months of regular sexual activity and not protected by any contraceptive method, with a normally fertile partner.” There are many situations that may cause infertility to a man and our nature can perfectly work on most of the causes. Is it that you are suffering from low sperm count, low motility, or abnormal shape of spermatozoids? Here is a tisane that will help you regain your fertility so that you experiment with the joy to be a father.


Duration of Treatment: Our herbal remedy is composed of the best herbs and plants that have the properties to cure male infertility. It has been used in Africa for several years now by those who know the secrets of plants. It has proven effective several times. Now, thanks to AfricanDoctor, you have the chance to try it. Our treatment is a 2 months treatment. The treatment should be taken care of for higher effectiveness.

2 reviews for Male Infertility

  1. Walker

    Thank you for helping me boost my fertility with your most effective Herbal remedy

  2. Gail

    Thank you for making me pregnant my wife .

    God bless

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